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Colorectal Cancer
and Screening

Effective and Cost-Effective

GastroCare supports the ACG’s official position that “a complete colonoscopy is the most effective screening method for colon cancer.”

Colonoscopy is so effective because no other screening procedure is more thorough in detecting cancerous and pre-cancerous polyps. Plus, colonoscopy allows the physician, at the same time as the exam, to remove polyps or sample abnormalities from the entire colon, from the rectum to the cecum (SEE-come, where the colon joins the small intestine). There is no other way to remove polyps except surgery.

Therefore, an added advantage of colonoscopy for screening is that you’re spared the expense and inconvenience of scheduling and preparing for colonoscopy as a second procedure if polyps, possible cancer, or any suspicion of these is found by another type of exam. So, colonoscopy is not only the most effective screening choice; it may also be your most cost-effective choice.

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