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Colorectal Cancer
and Screening

GASTRONewstm - for the insider’s story behind the medical news as it deals with your digestive health.

Put together by the practical team at GASTROCare®, our state-of-the-art digestive healthcare center, it is informed and edited with the warm heart of a caring hands-on MD and the analytic expertise of a PhD scientist. The messages - for patients or physicians - are user-friendly and to the point.

We’ll update you and clarify the most complex and important issues, such as colorectal cancer screening, new treatments for heartburn and reflux (GERD), and more.

Our goal is to help you maintain ideal digestive health through prevention, and through knowledge of your best treatment options when treatment may be needed.

We welcome your suggestions and comments; please e-mail us at Gastrocare@Gastrocare.info

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